Recognition for Peer Review contributions

On behalf of CIHR and the College of Reviewers, we thank all reviewers for their selfless generosity volunteering their time and expertise and for their commitment to excellence in peer review.

Recognition is a key outcome of CIHR's Review Quality Assurance (RQA) process. CIHR is pleased to recognize reviewers for outstanding peer review contributions based on feedback and observations from Committee Chairs, Scientific Officers and CIHR staff. The RQA process captures contributions that exemplify the very best of peer reviewers, such as:

  • Providing reviews that go above and beyond expectations.
  • Volunteering to take on additional tasks.
  • Participating constructively in discussions of applications – including those to which they have not been assigned.

The following peer reviewers were deemed Outstanding in multiple Project Grant competitions between Fall 2022 and Fall 2023:

  • Bhavsar, Amit P
    University of Alberta
  • Bungay, Victoria A
    University of British Columbia
  • Chun, Justin
    University of Calgary
  • Downey, Michael S
    University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa
  • Holyk, Travis J
    Carrier Sekani Family Services (Prince George, British Columbia)
  • Hudon, Anne
    Université de Montréal
  • Kothe, Ute
    University of Manitoba
  • Lix, Lisa M
    University of Manitoba
  • Pruszynski, Andrew P
    University of Western Ontario
  • Rose, Robert A
    University of Calgary
  • Sheldon, Signy A
    McGill University/Université McGill
  • Simard, Martin J
    Université Laval
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