Best Practices in Peer Review (Infographic)
July 2023

Based on the feedback from the Review Quality Assurance (RQA) processFootnote *, CIHR would like to provide additional guidance on how to properly assess the integration of Sex and/or Gender in the Research Proposal.

Did you know?

  • CIHR expects all research applicants to integrate sex and/or gender into their research designs, methods and analyses and interpretation and/or dissemination of findings, when appropriate.

Why integrate Sex and Gender in research?

How to provide feedback on Sex and Gender considerations in Project Grant competitions reviews

  • Familiarize yourself with CIHR’s key considerations while evaluating sex (as a biological variable) and/or gender (as a socio-cultural factor) in the research proposal.
  • Provide feedback in two sections of the review –
    • Approaches and Methods assessment:
      • Provide written comments on whether sex and/or gender was considered in the research design, methods and analyses. Does the proposal intend to disaggregate data by sex and/or gender?
    • Sex and/or Gender Considerations section of review:
      • Select a radio button that indicates your overall assessment of integration of sex and gender in the research proposal as a strength, weakness or not applicable. Not applicable should only be chosen if the applicant provides a rationale for not integrating sex and/or gender within their proposal.
      • Provide substantial written justification in the comment section to support your assessment, especially in instances where your appraisal differs from the applicant’s project information.
        Offer written recommendations to applicants on how they might improve the strength of their applications with respect to the integration of sex and/or gender, when appropriate.
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