Best Practices in Peer Review (Infographic)
November 2021

Review Quality Results

Based on the Review Quality Assurance (RQA) process from the 2021 Spring Project competition, here are areas for improvement in reviews that have been identified by CIHR.

Did you know?

We noticed that greater emphasis can be provided for the following areas:

  1. Expertise, Experience and Resources: Each evaluation criteria, according to the Funding Opportunity, should be addressed by noting strengths and weaknesses that provide the applicant feedback and justification of the rating.
  2. Sex and/or Gender Considerations: Reviewers must provide written recommendations to applicants on how they might improve the strength of their applications with respect to the integration of sex and/or gender.
  3. Summary of Research Proposal: At times, the summary section of a review is copied from the application or other reviews. Using original wording demonstrates the reviewer’s understanding of the research work being proposed.

For more information on submitting robust reviews, please view the Conducting Quality Reviews learning module on our website.

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