Official languages at CIHR

CIHR is governed by the Official Languages Act. That means we are committed to providing services to the public in both official languages and fostering the advancement of English and French linguistic minority communities in Canada.

As a federal research funding agency, CIHR respects and champions the vitality of both French and English by delivering services to stakeholders in both official languages and encouraging research teams to produce knowledge-mobilization (KM) products and conduct KM activities in both official languages. This helps ensure equitable access to health and scientific information for people who speak one of Canada’s official languages.

CIHR encourages researchers to submit their funding applications in the official language of their choice, with the confidence that applications will be peer reviewed by those with an ability to review in whichever language, English or French, the application was submitted.

CIHR’s commitment to official languages

Learn about CIHR’s commitment to supporting Canada’s two official languages.

Official languages lexicon and tools

Find tools and a lexicon that will help you foster the use of both official languages.

Official languages: applying for a grant

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Official languages in peer review

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Be an official languages champion

Learn how you can help us foster the use and vitality of both official languages.

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